Ski Fit

New to Wellow Fitness Centre!
We are now offering Ski Fit group sessions to get you ready to hit the slopes this 2018 season.

Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to improve their fitness and overall strength and endurance, whether you’re going skiing or not! No experience is required. This class is aimed at beginners through to advanced levels of fitness. Exercises can be adapted to suit all needs and abilities.

What will you gain from this class?
This class aims to improve your strength and stamina, to help improve your skiing ability and reduce the risk of injury on the slopes and in daily life. It will also help to improve your agility and flexibility, your muscular endurance and aerobic fitness, your leg and core strength, as well as your overall muscle tone. Everything you need to be ski ready and feel great!

How does it work?
You will be in a group environment of 4-8 people in our bright and airy studio. It will be a circuit style class, performing one exercise after another with little to no rest. You will be using a variety of equipment, as well as your own body weight and mats.  All exercises will be adjusted to a level you are comfortable at and will be ‘Ski Specific’.

When is it?
That’s up to you! Once you register your interest in this class, we will ask you for your preferred time and day to attend. Once we have a group of 4+ people and an agreed day, your class will begin. This is perfect for couples and groups of friends who want to exercise together with the motivation from an instructor.

For more information please contact us on 01794 323322 or by using our contact form.