Gym Rooms

About the rooms

We have four individual gym rooms, all fully equipped with the exercise equipment you will need to complete your own work-out.

The unique advantage of having your own gym room is that it gives you complete privacy to work-out in your own time with your own music, without having to wait for equipment.

You can exercise on your own, or share the room with a friend or family member and reap the benefits together!

How do I get started?

Before you become a member, everyone is required to have an induction with a Personal Trainer, whether you’ve exercised in the past or not.

This includes three ‘one to one’ sessions with a personal trainer. These sessions include a 1 hour consultation, then 2 separate hours in a gym room, learning how to use the equipment and getting used to your newly written bespoke programme giving you the confidence to go it alone.

How do I get started?

Following your induction, you will need to book your sessions via reception, this can be done at the centre, by telephone or by email.

Please contact us for more information and availability.


I love that you take the time to get to know us and nothing is ever too much trouble.

Great staff, great place, never have to wait to use the equipment.

Private rooms, small, friendly, more like a family, no annual fees.