Personal Training

We pride ourselves on our expertise in Personal Training here at Wellow Fitness Centre, our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We have worked with a broad range of clients from 16-95 years old, who want to achieve a range of goals and targets.

We pride ourselves that no matter what your medical condition, we can work with you!
Our team here has experience in working with clients with heart problems, recovering from Strokes, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, rehabilitation from replacement hip and knee joints and so much more.

We believe that Personal Training is for anyone and everyone. Whoever you are we can help you achieve your goals whether it be to help with a medical condition, improve your posture, have better balance or compete in an event.

Be re-assured that there is nothing to be worried about or intimidated by – you can work with a personal trainer in the privacy of your own gym room.

We offer a range of 30, 45 or 60 minute Personal Training packages.

Rather not come to the centre? We can come to you. We also offer a home visit Personal Training service.

We currently have 5 Personal Trainers here, all with their own unique personalities & strengths. All our personal trainers are qualified in Nutrition and Weight Management, meaning we can work with you, providing an eating plan suitable for your lifestyle & specific goals.

Meet the Team

+ Do I need to be a member? No
+ Can you train me at home? Yes


As someone in my late forties, I was horrified at the prospect of two major knee operations, I decided to seek an alternative therapy.

With 6 months of personal training I have gone from rehabilitation to running my first 10k race and I no longer need an operation.

“It has changed my life”.

Beverley, Totton

Joining Wellow and enrolling a Personal trainer has made my life so much better.  I had 2 total knee replacements in 2011, my mobility was poor even with the use of a stick.

I am pleased to say things have dramatically improved and I can walk up to 6 miles, no stick required. My trainer is extremely encouraging and the sessions can be challenging at times.

I would be more than happy to recommend anyone to work with a Personal trainer at Wellow.

Isobel – Romsey

I suffer from Parkinson’s and currently have personal training to help maintain my mobility which was beginning to deteriorate.

Due to my illness I have particular limitations, with the help of my personal trainer & my motivation to fight this declining disease, I have managed to progress from the initial aim of just being able to prevent further decline to actually achieving real improvements to my posture, strength, range of movement and general fitness.

Geoff – Romsey

We chose to train with a personal trainer at Wellow together, the individual gym rooms, privacy and competitive costs were the main reason we chose Wellow.

We both have Multiple Sclerosis, the trust and understanding we have built up with our Personal trainer has proved invaluable in helping us maintain our quality of life. The joint session allows us to motivate, and support each other in a relaxed environment.

Although we have a dedicated Personal trainer, we have had other trainers during holidays etc… each one of them brings something different to the session, we both really enjoy and appreciate all that our sessions bring.

Jackie & Nicky – Totton